Meet Comfy

Comfy the Comfort Monster
Somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains
He’s a monster, he doesn’t actually work. If he did, where would he spend his money? Duh.
Favorite Foods:
Nuts, Berries and HVAC refrigerant
Physical Attributes:
Soft purple fur, large eyes and a toothy smile.
350 Lbs
Sporting events, being involved in the community and sleeping.
Friendly, outgoing and helpful.
Monster FAQs

Comfy is a friendly monster. After spending his early years living in closets and under beds, he found a home doing what he loves at Comfort Monster Heating and Air. Comfy believes that everyone should have a comfortable home and workplace and is doing his part to help.

Get to Know Comfy

Why do hipsters dress like lumberjacks and smell like bacon? It’s part of his outfit and persona. Plus if someone from our team needs a wrench to do actual work, he can hand it to them.

Of course not. He’s friendly, and his diet is pretty much like any other vegetarian, with the exception of HVAC refrigerant (which we think is a little weird).

It’s very important to keep Comfy comfortable. As long as he maintains the perfect environment for himself at about 72 degrees, he doesn’t need to hibernate.

Yes, but not very well. You will note that whenever Comfy is around the water he wears his floatie. He also is very careful about his fur and his large eyes. He wears sunscreen and sunglasses.

Comfy appreciates the compliment but he has found that his true passion is doing virtually nothing all day while watching his friends at Comfort Monster work. He likes to call that "managing." He finds that stress gives him premature wrinkles and makes his fur frizz, and he doesn’t need that.

Officially, Comfy appreciates the interest but prefers not to share all of the details about his private life. You didn’t hear it from us—But if you have purple fur, big eyes, and a toothy smile, please call 919-Monster and ask for Comfy’s direct extension, or you can email him at

Under our founder's bed mostly. Although sometimes he prefers the closet.

Not that he’s told us about, but he does have some famous relatives. The Loch Ness Monster: second cousin. Abominable Snowman: his great uncle on his mother’s side. No big deal.

In winter Comfy likes to relax in his favorite chair next to the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. His favorite is Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. In summer Comfy likes to travel to his old home in the mountains where it’s a bit cooler. There’s nothing Comfy likes better than a good nap though.

Whoa boy... that happened once and let’s just say that Comfy turns into a real animal. It’s best to keep Comfy... well... very comfy.

Comfy has naturally good genes, but besides that he uses mane and tail shampoo and brushes his fur at least once a day. He also spends a good deal of time at the spa and there’s nothing he likes better than a good mani-pedi.

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Invite Comfy to your event! If he accepts your invitation, Comfy will bring one of these Comfort Zones, depending on the weather on the day:

Why do we do this? Comfy loves to be involved in the community, we get great exposure at your event and you get to add some extra fun and excitement to any event while making your guests more comfortable! Comfy loves being invited to parties, and he won’t let us charge you a penny for the stuff he brings.

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Monster Sightings

Monster Sightings

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