Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality: Do You Know What's Hiding in Your Air?

The air inside your home could be up to 100 times more polluted than outside air, according to studies performed by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

You can tell just by walking into a room whether the air in your home is comfortable — It’s the right temperature, and hopefully you’ve got the humidity just right as well.

But what about the health of your air? That’s a bit harder to tell.

A qualified heating & air technician from Comfort Monster can help you out by performing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing in your home.

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When your friendly, professional technician comes to your home to test your air and the health of your HVAC system, he will do the following:

airadvicereportfirstpage✔ Analyze indoor air quality and create report
identifying concentrations of chemicals,
particulates, carbon monoxide and more
✔ Create air quality remediation plan
✔ Check thermostat calibration
✔ Monitor refrigerant levels and pressure
✔ Test air conditioner safety controls
✔ Check for correct air flow
✔ Inspect existing evaporator coil
✔ Create and discuss system inspection report
✔ Advise of improvements if needed
✔ And much more!