Welcome to MonsterCare 2.0!

Introducing MonsterCare 2.0 Membership from Comfort Monster Heating & Air

Exciting news from Comfort Monster! After countless hours of research and development, we are releasing the most advanced home HVAC system maintenance structure that exists.

So, what IS the new MonsterCare 2.0?

We have created software that predicts potential failures and creates smart maintenance schedules that prevent those failures from occurring. At the same time, it manages the routing and scheduling of the logistics necessary to make it all happen.

In traditional maintenance, many of the same standard tasks are completed over and over. While these tasks should be done sometimes, they aren’t actually all necessary EVERY year. So that type of maintenance involves doing some things repetitively when they aren’t needed, and at the same time, some things that should be done periodically often aren’t done at all.

This problem wasn’t unique to Comfort Monster – Nobody in the industry has offered a solution before now. Here’s how we’re solving it for our customers:
  • Monthly Status Email – You will get a monthly status email that covers all of your equipment. It’s easy to read. A checkmark means everything is ok, and unless something unexpected happens, you’ll be running great for the foreseeable future. If something needs attention, it will be clearly outlined and we’ll even tell you how long we need to be there to take care of it– Which could take anywhere from 5 minutes to a couple hours.
  • Easy Scheduling – Planning months ahead for your HVAC maintenance is a pain. Things come up, and inevitably it’s not convenient– Sometimes for you, sometimes for us. When our system determines that something needs to be done, it won’t be urgent. We’ll send you an email or text with 3 appointment options in the next couple of days. If it’s convenient, choose one. If not, let us know to skip you and come back. We’ll try a few more times with our automated options and then reach out personally, or you can make a request at any time for a custom appointment.
  • Lower Cost – Because it’s WAY more efficient (fewer phone calls, less driving, less wasted time at your home), we can do it for less. WOW!
  • Intelligent Features – MonsterCare will learn from all of the other systems we are managing. Thousands of them. When a pattern of problems emerges, our software will react and propose interventions to fix safety and reliability issues before they occur. MonsterCare will even learn from manufacturers’ technical bulletins and recalls.


  • Will I get 2 visits a year?
Maybe, maybe not – But either way, you’ll get something better: The exact maintenance your unit needs to run as reliably and efficiently as it can possibly run without any wasted visits. When your technician is here, they will collect the data our system will need, plus examine your system and notate their expert recommendations as additional information for analysis.
So some years you might get 2-3 quick visits, and other years you might get one longer visit. We’re always here, tracking your exact equipment and doing what needs to be done.
If that makes you nervous and you’d prefer to get two visits no matter what, we’re here for you! Continue down to the bottom of the page, where we detail our MonsterCare Classic plan.
  • How can it be cheaper? I must not be getting as much service!
The software optimizes our technicians’ schedules so that we can do a lot more work in less time. Less time on the road means less wasted gas, oil, tires, and especially wasted time. In addition, our smart maintenance predictions mean we spend less time on pointlessly repetitive tasks. The summary information about your system will be automatically sent to you, which means we don’t spend time uploading, downloading or sending it, and you spend less time asking for reports or being unable to find the information you need. Everything is faster, and we’re passing the savings along to you.
  • Is there any downside to moving to the new MonsterCare?
If there is one, we can’t think of it! Unless you just can’t bear the thought of not spending as much pre-scheduled time with your favorite Monster and potentially needing fewer emergency visits.
  • How does the technology work?
This is so secret we won’t even tell Comfy about it! (but he’s never been good at keeping secrets….) The basic idea is that a wide variety of data is fed into our software, which has been programmed to make decisions with that data. Examples include: Risk scores, duty cycles, service bulletins, repair history and intervals.. The computing power that is available to analyze this data has become available to businesses of all types in the last several years, and we’re putting it to work.
  • What are my choices?
We currently have 4 membership types, so there are plenty of choices. The new MonsterCare 2.0 is a no-brainer for nearly every household. Other options include: MonsterCare Classic, a white glove plan much like the old MonsterCare, but it costs more because it’s a concierge approach to maintenance; a notification- and discount-only plan (MonsterSaver); and MonsterCare PLUS, a maintenance and warranty coverage plan.
  • What About My Discounts?
Diagnostic discount will be $25 off, and repairs will be 15% off. You will accrue $75/year off the purchase of a new system from Comfort Monster. We’ll track the $ and show you what’s in the bank as part of your monthly email. When a proactive repair is needed, you’ll save a full 20% by being smart and staying ahead of problems.
  • Is There a Long-Term Commitment?
You’re committed to taking great care of your HVAC system(s). Congrats! As far as being locked in to a contract, no. It’s month to month, and you can cancel at any time. Comfy doesn’t like it when customers ignore their maintenance but that’s between you and him. You should be aware that by summer 2022 we will no longer be providing emergency service of any kind for customers who don’t have an active maintenance. (Why should our great people leave their homes late at night and on weekends because you don’t want to take good care of your equipment?) If it’s lapsed by accident, of course we will allow you to renew it, but if you cancel your service we’ll see you whenever we can get there on the next business day when all of our valued members are all taken care of.
  • Can I pay for the whole year at one time?
Yes, you can pre-pay, but it’s a subscription and you can still cancel at anytime. We prefer to tie the payments to the subscription because it keeps everything organized so that you’re getting what you are paying for as we go along, but that’s your choice.


Right now, we are offering subscriptions for MonsterCare 2.0 at $11.99 per system, per month!

What is MonsterCare PLUS?

MonsterCare PLUS is just like MonsterCare 2.0, except it includes a labor warranty for up to 10 years. At the moment, MonsterCare PLUS is only available to customers who have new systems that were installed by Comfort Monster, and only until 10 years after their systems were installed. If/when we make MonsterCare PLUS available to other customers, it will likely be priced between $23 and $25/month. But MonsterCare PLUS will always be discounted for systems installed by Comfort Monster to approximately $14.99 (plus reasonable increases for inflation etc. when applicable).

What is MonsterSaver?
MonsterSaver is the most basic membership we offer. It includes one free inspection (recommended when the season changes) and all of the same discounts as MonsterCare. It does not include any maintenance. We will notify you when maintenance is needed and you may choose to schedule it with Comfort Monster at regular rates. MonsterSaver is not a maintenance plan: It saves you money when you need service, and it will keep up with your equipment and notify you when maintenance actions are needed.

Can you summarize all that for me please??
Sure! Here’s a handy chart:

MonsterCare Classic - A Two-Visit Alternative

Some of our customers see the benefits in our MC 2.0 plans, but still want to see us twice a year, every year, just to get the peace of mind that everything is still going smoothly with their systems. Not everyone thinks it’s necessary, but hey, if it helps you sleep better, we’re up for it!


So we created our MonsterCare Classic plan. Just like the MC 2.0 plan described above, you get these great benefits:

  • Extremely detailed service reports
  • Smart analysis of predicted failures using our MC 2.0 system
  • Priority service
  • $25 discount on every diagnostic charge
  • 20% off of repairs
  • PLUS, of course, a guarantee of 2 visits per year so we can make extra sure your home’s systems are in top working order.


Pricing is as follows:

  • 1st system is $205.00 plus tax per year, or $17.08 plus tax per month (if that’s your preferred payment schedule)
  • Each additional system adds $125.00 per year (plus tax of course)

So a 2 system home, for example, would be $330.00/yr plus tax, or $27.50 per month, plus tax.

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