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Managing HVAC Maintenance Costs: A Guide for Facility Managers

A commercial building’s HVAC system is likely the most expensive and complicated system in the entire facility and easily costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to install.  Facilities managers owe it to owners and tenants to maintain these systems properly to provide a comfortable working environment at a reasonable operating cost.  As complicated and expensive […]

Air Conditioner Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

  Our homes are full of noises.  Screaming babies, blaring televisions, clanging pots and pans.  But your heating and air conditioning unit should be one of the quietest things in your home.  High quality A/C equipment and duct systems are designed so you never notice have to the compressor whirring or the smooth swoosh of […]

Saving Money on Your Air Conditioning This Summer

  According to Energy Star 1, your home heating and air conditioning system may account for up to 42% of your monthly utility bill.  For those living in states with hot and humid climates, that number can easily reach 50% each month. With that much of your money going towards keeping you cool, it makes […]

HVAC and Home Automation

People are upping their home’s wow factor and having fun doing it by installing home automation systems that let them remotely control all sorts of equipment and systems in their house. With home automation devices and a smartphone app, you can turn off lights, check the security system, preheat the oven, or even have music […]

Spring Cleaning for Your HVAC System

Spring is finally getting started (for real this time?), and you’re probably getting the feeling that it’s time to declutter the house and get things fresh and ready for warmer temperatures.  One of the most important systems in your home, the system that can mean the difference between comfort and misery this summer, needs just […]

How to Earn Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

  Improving your home’s energy efficiency by upgrading air conditioning and heating equipment or installing better windows may save you more money than just on your monthly utility bill.  Under the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, several expired tax credits for residential energy efficiency improvements were renewed, giving homeowners a way to put more money […]

How to Reduce Spring Allergens in Your Home

  Get Rid of the Dust to Reduce Dust Mites The most obvious first step is to remove the dust.  Dust your home thoroughly and regularly – once or twice a week – using a damp cloth or a feather duster.  If the smell doesn’t bother you, you can also spray furniture cleaner to help […]

IAQ Testing: Why you Can’t Ignore Your Indoor Air Quality

Dry, scratchy throat in the winter. Damp, moldy smell in the summer. Sneezing and itchy eyes in spring and fall. This is no way to live. Your home should be a place of refuge and relaxation, and that includes having pleasant indoor air to breathe throughout the year. A comfortable indoor environment is more than […]

Understanding the Most Common Heat Exchanger Problems

Of all the components in a home heating system, the heat exchanger may be the most critical. Gas burning heating systems have a metal heat exchanger in the air handler to contain the flame and combustion gases. The heat from the burning fuel warms the heat exchanger transferring heat to the home’s air stream. When […]

18 Easy Ways to Save Money on Heating Costs this Winter

The cold stretch of winter is upon us, and the team at Comfort Monster wants to give you more than a warm, comfy home. We want to help you save money on heating bills and maintenance. Across the United States, towns are seeing colder weather than ever before. But most of us aren’t prepared for […]

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