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6 Signs That Point to an Unhappy Furnace

There are a few signs that indicate your furnace is on the decline. Watching and listening for these signs could help you avoid a panic-stricken emergency purchase if and when it breaks down.


These 6 signs can tell you if it’s time for some help with your furnace:

  • More than 15 years old. Most furnaces are designed and expected to last about 15 years – even with regular maintenance. If your furnace is in this age bracket, it might be time to start planning for a new furnace installation.
  • Rising utility bills. As your furnace ages, it will become less efficient and have to work longer and harder to keep your house warm. All that extra work will reflect on your monthly energy bill.
  • Poor burner flame. If the flame in your burner is flickering or is yellow, this could be a carbon monoxide issue. The flame should be strong and blue.
  • Rattling or banging sounds. Those noises coming from your furnace may be its way of telling you it is time to consider getting a new one.
  • Dry, dusty air. An older furnace cannot moisturize and clean the air properly. This can lead to issues with allergies and dry skin.
  • More and more repairs. Frequent repairs may be a sign it is time to look into furnace tune-ups or a new furnace installation.

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