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How Can a Humidifier Keep You Warm?

Our comfort accessories team gets a load of questions about dehumidification, especially in the summertime. Many people are familiar with how removing moisture from the air has a cooling effect, but we wanted to take a moment to talk about the other side of coin: humidification.


Remind Me: What Is Humidity Again?

Humidity is a measure of the amount of moisture in the air at a given time. High humidity levels can leave you feeling sticky or damp, while low humidity levels can make it tough to breathe or dry out skin and sinuses. Striking a balance between the two extremes is the key to year-round comfort.

Ok, But How Can a Humidifier Keep Me Warm?

While a humidifier doesn’t necessarily add heat directly to your home, the effect of proper moisture levels can make it feel warmer. The easiest way to explain this idea to think about two climate types: swamp and desert. If you’ve been to these climates, you’ll know that 80 degrees in a humid swamp feels a lot warmer than 80 degrees in a desert. The difference between the two is the humidity level. Having more moisture in the air gives you a greater feeling of warmth.

Hmmm. I’m Not Convinced. Are There Other Reasons to Add a Humidifier?

You bet! Many people find humidifiers to be helpful with breathing problems, especially during the winter. In fact, many doctors recommend and even prescribe humidifiers for patients with respiratory infections. The increase in the air’s moisture levels helps soothe dry sinus and lung tissue, easing labored breathing and improving lung function.

Interesting. Where Can I Learn More?

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