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What Can I Learn from Having a Home Energy Audit?

Energy efficiency is a hot topic for homeowners—and for good reason. Energy efficiency means cost efficiency! If you find yourself cranking up your furnace more and more to stay warm while your energy bills climb, it may be time to consider having a home energy audit.

Home energy audits are designed specifically to help you find and solve your home’s energy efficiency problems.

Some steps you can take to prepare for a home energy audit are:

  • Make a list of concerns, such as drafty rooms, condensation problems, and comfort issues to be addressed, so the technician can find solutions during the audit.
  • Have copies of your energy bills showing increased use of energy over time.
  • Be ready to answer questions your technician may have such as typical day energy usage, how you use your thermostat, and what rooms and systems are used the most.

Some of the things you will learn during your home’s energy audit include:

  • The condition of your air ducts: Your air ducts will be assessed to determine if they are excessively dirty and sealed properly. Up to 25-30% of your home’s air can be lost due to inefficient air ducts.
  • How your HVAC system holding up: Your A/C and furnace will be checked for electrical problems, loose parts, and energy usage..
  • The quality of air provided by your home’s ventilation system: Your home’s ventilation system will be checked to make sure it is blowing out air as it should and there are no blockages, leaks, or other problems.

Energy Audit Results

At the end of your audit, you can expect to receive a detailed readout with recommendations for areas where you can see significant improvement. Some audits will even include a cost-benefit analysis of your solutions. For example, how adding $500 to insulate your garage will save you $150 in heating costs per year. This makes it much easier for you to see where and when your break-even point will be. If you are ready for your professional home energy audit, click this link to contact Comfort Monster today about your home’s energy efficiency needs.