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Carrier and Comfort Monster Give the Gift of Warmth this Christmas

rescued dog and donated HVAC unit

Comfy is an animal (and animal lover), and when he found out that a great organization was in need of warmth this winter he dove right in. The Change of Heart Pitbull Rescue was using dozens of space heaters to keep volunteers and sick puppies warm. Not only was it uncomfortable, but they were spending too much of their small budget on huge electricity bills.

Comfort Monster jumped in with all our paws to install a brand new unit, generously donated by Carrier.

In the picture is one of the pitbull rescue pups, LILO, with her brand new Carrier gas package unit from Carrier and Comfort Monster. Here’s her story, from Change of Heart:

LILO was found about 1 year ago on the side of the road eating roadkill.  She was terrified, starved and had just had puppies. She was too weak to run away. When she came to Change of Heart Rescue she was in poor condition and had an infection in her breast tissue called mastitis. The Good Samaritan who found her had no luck finding either her owners or her puppies. She was taken to a vet and then they called us to see if we could help her. LILO was very reluctant to trust anyone, but has made huge strides. She has gained weight, learned to trust. She is still very shy with new people but does not have a mean bone in her little body. 

Stories like that at the Change of Heart Pitbull Rescue melted our hearts at Comfort Monster, and we were so happy to be able to help. 

Owner/volunteer Sarah Kosinski was so happy when she heard the news that she nearly cried. 

“I am so beyond grateful! I can’t believe that someone was willing to help so much, and it means so much to me and the rescue!”

The rescue is always in need of donations of all types, so please open your hearts and help however you can. You can visit their website at: