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How to Conserve Energy While Cooling Your Home

When it comes to green energy and conserving energy in your home, there are many options available to today’s consumer. Whether you are taking small steps to save energy or you are ready to go all the way with an environmentally friendly HVAC, the choice is yours.

Here are ways you can incorporate green energy into your home’s climate control over the summer months:

  • Closing blinds and letting the curtains down during the sun’s peak hours can give your cooling system a helping hand in energy savings. When the sun isn’t pounding in through the windows and increasing indoor temperatures, your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard.
  • Utilizing fans, whether they are ceiling fans or standing fans helps cool your home by circulating cool air and stirring up any warm pockets.
  • Making sure your air ducts are properly and tightly sealed is a great way to conserve energy, as 10-30% of cool air can be lost due to leaky air ducts.
  • Installing a programmable or smart thermostat will let you take better control of the temperature of your home. You decide when it cools, where it cools, and how much it cools. These types of energy conserving options can drastically cut energy usage as well as energy bills.

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