HVAC System Maintenance

Is a Maintenance Agreement Really Worth the Money?

When you’re wondering if an HVAC maintenance agreement would be worth what you pay for, it helps to understand that its primary benefit is to make sure you get preventative maintenance for your HVAC system.
Basically, a maintenance agreement is a helpful option provided by HVAC companies to help you maintain your HVAC system and prevent break downs and costly repairs. The top benefits of maintenance agreements include:

  • Financial: The preventive maintenance provided through a maintenance agreement includes check-ups and tune-ups to ensure your HVAC systems are working as efficiently as possible. It’s an investment that will save you in the months and years to come by helping you avoid unexpected and expensive breakdowns.
  • Efficiency: HVAC systems operate at peak performance when they are well-maintained. Maintenance agreements usually provide two annual check-ups to your system (usually in the fall and in the spring), making sure it is operating at optimal levels.
  • Comfort: A maintenance agreement will ensure your home (or business) will stay comfortable year round. Fixing small problems early in the season will keep you from dealing with a non-functional system at the hottest or coldest parts of the year — When everyone else is calling for HVAC service too!

When you consider the potential costly repairs you can avoid with regular maintenance and the comfort you can achieve throughout the year, it is clear that maintenance agreements are well worth the investment.

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