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Most Popular HVAC Questions of the Decade

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Well, it’s the end of a decade and you may be wondering, where has the time gone? While we can’t really help you with that, we’ve heard browsing your Facebook wall may help to refresh your memory. However, we can help you by sharing the most popular HVAC questions of the decade. We know you’re on the edge of your seat, so without further fanfare, here they are:

The answer to this question isn’t as simple as you might think. Sufficient airflow is very important to the proper function and efficiency of your system. You can learn a bit more by reading our ducting services section, but basically if your system is designed properly you should be able to use any correct size filter that is available in the store. 

With that being said, higher MERV ratings are better at capturing stuff in the air, and lower MERV ratings provide less restriction to airflow and are normally better for your HVAC system and overall system efficiency. Just remember that the more “stuff” your filter catches, the faster it will clog up, and so the more frequently you will need to replace it to avoid suffocating your equipment.


Carrier® of course! Just kidding, we have a whole article just for answering this question. 


Right now! We kid again… Or do we?

Our article has some very helpful information for making the right decision when you feel like you’re on shaky ground. 


As long as your HVAC system is working properly, don’t worry about the phase out of R22/Freon. However, the phase out (and thus increasing cost) is definitely another reason to consider upgrading when your system does break down. 


Perhaps unsurprisingly, HVAC is a very seasonal business. Most companies are swamped in summer and get a little slow in spring and fall. Use this information to your advantage by knowing the best times to get a deal on replacing your aging HVAC system. 


Ahh, believe it or not, this question is a perennial favorite. Comfy sat down for an interview and shared a bit more than anyone has ever wanted to know about him. In fact, we found it very difficult to wrap up the interview, and I don’t think we’ll try that again anytime soon. Scroll to the bottom of the Meet Comfy page to read all about him, and if you’re into fostering adult monsters who still act like kids, let us know. Please.