Heating & AC Repair

Raleigh HVAC Repair Statistics

Statistics gathered from actual service calls in the Raleigh area and analyzed using  predictive analysis. Accuracy of data is not guaranteed.

Average Raleigh Household Thermostat Set Temperatures

Winter: 68

Summer: 73


Average Annual Repairs By System Age in Raleigh

Statistics gathered from actual service calls in the Raleigh area and analyzed using  predictive analysis. Data includes non-system repairs such as condensate drain issues, ducting, and thermostats. Accuracy of data is not guaranteed.



Average HVAC System Replacements (Lifetime) in Raleigh

Statistics gathered from permit data in Wake County, NC and analyzed using  predictive analysis. Accuracy of data is not guaranteed.

Cumulative % of Systems Replaced2%3%4%5%9%16%24%33%41%53%


Most Common HVAC Repairs and Cost in Raleigh

RankDescriptionAvg Cost
1Clear Clogged Drain LineA clogged drain line is the most common cause of water leaking from your AC into your home. If the drain line gets clogged with dust, dirt, sludge or mold, that water backs up into your home.$50-$175
2Replace CapacitorThis can be caused due to heating in operation. Heating can be caused by either wrong connection or the use of under-rated capacitors. In electrolytic capacitors heating can cause the formation of gas inside which can explode through the vent provided. Voltage surges can also cause capacitor failure.$120-$500
3Trace Leak/ Low RefrigerantThis corrosion will advance at quicker stages when there is more moisture present on the evaporator coils. Moisture develops from the air traveling across the coil and being condensed-just like rain clouds in the atmosphere. Undersized ductwork or dirt filters can cause a freon leak to develop at quicker rates.$150-$1800
4Replace ContactorA contactor is an electrical relay that controls the flow of electricity to components in the AC unit. The contactor sends voltage to the condenser and outdoor fan motor. Voltage from the thermostat is sent to the contactor and is registered by the contractor’s side terminals$130-$500
5Troubleshoot Thermostat1. The Heater or Air Conditioner Refuses to Start

2. Air Conditioner Runs Constantly and Won’t Turn Off

3. Changing the Batteries Did Not Help

4. There Are Differing Temperatures Throughout the Home

5. The Thermostat Has No Power or Is Unresponsive.



Most Expensive HVAC Repairs in Raleigh

RankItemDescriptionAvg Cost
1Condenser CoilCondenser coil replacement is a significant AC condenser repairs. Not only is this a very expensive part, but some coils can also be hard to get, depending on the model. Replacing the coil also requires extensive labor. The condenser coil usually costs about $900 to $1,200 to replace.$900 to $1,200 
2CompressorFixing a refrigerator compressor might cost anywhere from $50 to $300 dollars. The cost of having a problematic refrigerator compressor repaired depends on several factors, the chief ones being the size of the compressor and whether you choose to go with a new or reconditioned compressor.$1,200 to $2,100 
3Evaporator CoilThe Cost to Replace an Evaporator Coil in a Central AC. To buy and install a new evaporator coil can cost $900-$1800+. The cost changes depending on a few factors: Your parts warranty$900-$1800+
4BlowerThe average cost for a Blower Motor Replacement is between $179 and $498. Labor costs are estimated between $39 and $156 while parts are priced between $140 and $342. Estimate does not include taxes and fees $498 and $1,100
5Heat ExchangerMost homeowners are looking for ranges, we can deal with that. Remember, it depends on your specific situation. Replacing a cracked heat exchanger falls in the range of $550 – $1500. In this situation it’s time to take into account the age of the furnace and you might be better off considering furnace replacement.$700 – $1500


Seasonal Dispersion of HVAC Repairs in Raleigh



Heating and Cooling Statistics for Raleigh, NC

Heating and cooling degree days are a tool used to normalize energy use across different areas. Degree days are based on the assumption that at 65 degrees Fahrenheit no heating or cooling is necessary inside your home to feel comfortable. 

The following example calculations were provided by the National Weather Service, weather.gov.

Cooling Example:
The high temperature for a particular day was 90°F and the low temperature was 66°F. The temperature mean for that day was: 78°F
78°F – 65°F = 13 Cooling Degree Days
Heating Example:
The high temperature for a particular day was 33°F and the low temperature was 25°F. The temperature mean for that day was: 29°F
65°F – 29°F = 36 Heating Degree Days.



The Most Comfortable Day of the Year in Raleigh, NC (2017)

Using the heating and cooling days data (the number of average degrees of departure from 68 F in a 24 hour period) at RDU International Airport.

October 13, 2017