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Why Is There Condensation on My Windows?

The primary culprit for condensation on windows in your home can be a single window pane. Basically, the air outside is cold making the window cold, drawing the moisture in your home to the window.


The problem with excessive condensation is water damage to window frames, wallpaper, and plaster. It can also be a signal that other areas of your home are suffering from excessive moisture. The attic is a good place to check, as most attics are not as heated or insulated as the rest of the home. Insulation can become moist, causing mold and mildew to enter the living spaces in your home. 

To solve the issue of condensation, you need to either install an adequate insulation barrier or address the high level of humidity in your home. A few ways to achieve this are:

  • Taping or stapling a taut piece of plastic across the windows using a common window insulation kit.
  • Upgrading to double pane windows to better insulate and keep your inner windows protected.
  • Using a dehumidifier to cut down the moisture inside your home.

Excessive condensation and problems that can arise from it are a can of worms no one wants to open. Fortunately, there are easy preventative measures you can take, and you can always count on the heating and air conditioning pros at Comfort Monster to help you get the bottom of the condensation issue. To ensure your home has the right balance of humidity, contact us today at 919-MONSTER.