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comfy-heatingNorth Carolina may be in the South, but it still gets cold here in winter. You count on your home’s heating system, heat pump, or furnace to be ready and working in cold weather, but when you find heating system problems, your experts at Comfort Monster are ready when you need us.

Furnaces are a good energy-efficient option for home heating. But that doesn’t mean they are immune to disrepair or damage. Whether your furnace is just not working at optimum efficiency or has completely stopped working, our technicians can fix it for you. Keep an eye out for warning signs your furnace may need repair so you can get a professional opinion early. This is the best way to avoid costly emergency repairs.

At Comfort Monster our experts are certified to repair a full range of heating system equipment, from heat pumps to furnaces and gas packs. Whatever your HVAC issue, we provide answers to your questions and solutions to your problems: starting with confirming exactly what type of system you already have and explaining what a gas pack is, if needed. Fully insured and licensed, Comfort Monster technicians are personally dedicated to going the extra mile on any residential service problem.

Looking to Reduce Energy Costs?

High efficiency furnaces are a great option for anyone looking to slash their monthly utility bill. You can easily prevent high energy bills by making sure that your gas furnace is running efficiently. Signs that something is wrong may be excessive noise or uneven temperature dispersion.

New high efficiency gas furnaces save 50% more in energy costs than outdated models. The professional technicians at Comfort Monster will repair your furnace in a timely manner. You won’t lose any sleep in an uncomfortable home when you call Comfort Monster.

Working Gas Furnaces, Better Energy Standards

High efficiency gas furnaces increase energy efficiency, meaning more money stays in your pocket each month. For this reason and many others, furnace repair is critical to our customers. A furnace in need of repair is a furnace that is wasting your money.

Technicians from Comfort Monster will make sure your furnace is operating to its original specifications during scheduled furnace repair and preventative maintenance. Having a furnace that meets these standards is both a good decision for your budget and your home.

There’s no way to tell when disaster will strike with your heating system, but the Comfort Monster team can guarantee one thing—We will respond with professionalism and put the full force of our experience to work for you, every time.

If you live in the Raleigh area and need information about repairing your furnace or any other heating equipment, call 919-MONSTER.

Is your HVAC machinery operating at peak efficiency?

Our experts provide careful computer diagnostics to make sure everything is working correctly. This will save you money on energy bills and prevent costly repair issues down the road.

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Our technicians know their stuff! Trust us, we can service your system.

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Our A/C went out recently right before big family dinner at our house. The technician came to our house within the hour of our appointment and fixed, what turned out to be, a bad capacitor. I was impressed at the speed and quality of service.

, Customer

I had a great experience with Comfort Monster this winter. My heat was out during one of the really cold spells we had. I went on their website and requested service around 2:30 in the afternoon, and their customer service agent called...

, Customer

Really impressed with the service I got from Comfort Monster. They were very helpful over the phone and the dispatcher seemed to know a lot about HVAC repair themselves.

, Customer

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What does it do?

Capacitors work as batteries that store up power to give a motor a boost of power when starting up.  They are also used in the same way for compressors.

Why did it fail?

Just like batteries, capacitors wear down and become weak over time. They can also explode when there is a power surge.

Will it fail again?

Capacitors are designed to last about 10 years but are very fragile and can fail in a few years with high unit usage or poor maintenance.